Open Books Press is dedicated to publishing quality books. We publish adult nonfiction, and fiction for all ages in print and eBook formats. All authors with exceptional work will be given serious consideration.

Submission Guidelines

We require that you submit a finished, polished, final-edit manuscript. Please also follow the below guidelines as closely as possible to ensure your submission is complete and can be processed in a timely manner.

  • Include a professional query letter with word count and 25–30-word pitch and a brief author bio.
  • Please inform us if your manuscript is under consideration elsewhere, and notify us promptly if it is accepted for publication.
  • Submit the following as Word or other text document:
    1. A 250-word synopsis of your book. (A shorter synopsis is acceptable for children's books.)
    2. Your marketing plan: Who is your target reader and how do you plan to reach them? Also include your platform; that is, links to your website, blog, and social networking sites; an email/mailing list count; past sales figures; etc. Authors with an established or growing platform are preferred; involvement in promotion is required.
    3. The first 50 pages of your manuscript or the full manuscript for children's books.
  • While we will acknowledge the receipt of your submission as soon as possible, our preliminary review process can take anywhere from a few days to several months to request your full manuscript.
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